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Corroless - Is it any good?

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 13:03:01 Europe/London

Hi All

With the amount of interest being generated in Corroless and he product range, especially when it comes to 4x4 and Classic motoring, we often get asked "How good is it?"

We understand that if you are wanting to protect something you work hard on, then you want the best. So below is a little information that should help anyone make up their mind:

With regards “how good is it” we need to give a bit of background info to answer that. 

Corroless has been around for nearly 50 years and is a range of products designed for the industrial market. Used extensively on off shore oil rigs, bridges, winches etc etc. Especially in areas exposed to the elements, the coast etc. 

We are Corroless NW and as such have access to all the products and are one of the few, if the only one, offering it in smaller quantities to the end user, as well as in bulk to the industrial clients we serve. 

Depending on the range of products used and the quantity of coats etc, an official life span can be given to the paint system - this gives you, the end user, confidence in it’s ability to protect. 

For example, 2 coats of Corroless S primer followed by 2 coats of RF16 gloss top coat results in a tested (in the offshore industry) life span of 15+ years. Bear in mind you aren’t using it in those sort of environments - no matter how aggressive the 4x4 market is, it isn’t as bad as the offshore industry. So you can expect a better life span. 

2 coats of just Corroless Chassis In One would result in at least 7-10 years - again, tested independently in more aggressive situations. 

As Corroless NW we do not modify the products in any way from their original purpose. There is currently a seller out there selling Corroless under his own brand and “modifying” it - as such he cannot offer a life span due to the product being messed with, and in some cases, thinned - reducing build and quality.

Corroless S is a primer and also a rust converter - over time it sinks into the substrate and converts the rust to solid material. Chassis In One does the same job but is slightly less build - it also contains self leafing glass flake which gives exception abrasion resistance and water impermeability. 

RF16 is a glass impregnated top coat, used over Corroless S for a gloss finish in most colours. 

With regards preparation, we would advise that all surfaces should be abraded to remove flaking rust - this can be done with a grinder or by hand. Once done, the substrate should be cleaned - this can be simply washed with soapy water and a brush, or even better, pressure washed or steam cleaned. Once clean and dry, application of the paint can start. 

2 useful videos can be found here

In addition to the above most popular products, we also offer a 2k Extreme paint from the Corroless range. It is perfect for immersion in water - in fact it can even be applied under water! Imagine how good that paint system would be on your 4x4!

Corroless also offer grease with rust inhibiting vapours - better than your standard grease.

Also on offer is a range of cavity wax - again protecting both on contact and by vapour release

Please take time to review this information, along with the videos and you will see it is always worth buying something that has been tested for an extended period of time, and importantly not trusting your pride and joy to lesser quality products or paints that have been "modified" and weakened.

All the best


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I'd much rather wear out than rust out

Thursday, 10 November 2016 13:08:54 Europe/London

Hi All


Sorry again for the delay in our new post. We've been busy but that's no excuse.

You may have seen our recent video on You Tube about rust prevention and treament. If not, please visit here 

One of our most popular range of coatings is our Corroless range. Corroless has been around for nearly half a century and as such has built a large portfolio of proven products used for treating and protecting against corrosion.

As we are Corroless North West, we are ideally placed to offer some of these products to the end user - whether it be for treatment of vehicles & chassis, to someone who wants to give their railings and gates the best treatment possible.

Below we aim to give a brief technical insight into the main products available, what they do and how to use them together to form the best paint system for your needs:

Corroless S Rust Primer

This is the base of any system you want to use. Corroless S is a red coloured primer. It not only protects against future corrosion but importantly chemically modifies existing rust, stopping it in it's tracks. 

Applied by brush, roller or spray, 2 coats, although designed to be used under one of the following products, will offer, if left uncoated, several years life to steel work. It should be thinned with Corroless thinners if applying by spray.

Often called a Rust Control Primer, this is a primer that is different to standard oxide primers due to the Corroles pigments it contains.

Corroless CIO - Chassis In One

This contains the same rust kiling properties as the primer above, but also contains self leafing glass flake. This makes it highly impervious to water ingress, while also giving it an exceptionally tought finish. Ideal for chassis on 4x4 for example as it can cope with off roading and extreme environments.

Available in Black only

It can be applied direct to steel, direct to sound rust, and over Corroless S (at least 48-72 hours should be left before overcoating Corroless S with CIO)

2 coats of this, over 2 coats of Corroless S, gives a 10-15 year life span.

It can be applied to abraded or etch primed aluminium or over Twashed or etch Galvanised. 

Corroless RF16 Gloss Top Coat

This is a gloss top coat desinged for application over either of the above products. It can be made in any RAL or BS colour and in any quantity with no minimum order.

It contains self leafing glass flake as does the Chassis In One above

Corroless CCI 355 HD Grease

Supplied in a 400g grease tube - can be applied to gearing, ropes, winches, bearings etc - contains Corroless Rust Inhibiting vapours which are given off over time to protect against rust both by surface contact and against atmospheric damp.

Corroless CCI Wax

Available both in a 500ml aerosol in translucent brown, or by can form in clear, or clear wax in aerosol form (400ml)

Applied to cavities, chassis, pipes, around suspension and hard to reach areas.

Gives up to 4 years protection in aggressive environments by both contact and rust inhibiting vapours

CCI Devices

Available as pads and tape - applied inside ECUs, fuse boxes, junction boxes, tool boxes - 1 x 2" tape or 1 x pad will protect up to 1 cubit foot of space against atmospheric moisture for up to 2 years. Used in the offshore industry with a proven track record


Hope the above has helped a little in knowing what can be used where and when

If you want to give your project the best then choose Corroless

Keep an eye out in the near future for our new branding and product range being launched

See you soon 


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Believe us when we say that it's not just cars and bikes that will benefit from lacquer.

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