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Today we would like to talk about the great British weather!

A curse or a blessing? Well of course it would depend on who you talk to!

From a painters point of the view, the weather can make or break a job. Trying to meet a deadline while fighting rain, snow and freezing temperatures can take the joy out of even the most profitable tasks.

Out of our vast array of products we wouldn't recommend painting outdoors when rain is imminent. Even the fastest drying paints will suffer when rain hits. Surface water can delay or stop the solvent evaporating from the paint and slow drying - it can also give an awful finish. Surface marks, white staining etc - usually the result of water being allowed to reach the painted surface before fully dry.

Baby It's Cold Outside.........yes, freezing temperatures can have more than just an affect on our happiness. Cold temperatures will affect the drying time of most solvent, water and oil based paints. If a paint is described as being touch dry in 30 mins at 20c - you can double it at 10c. That can then have a knock on effect on your re-coat times, and put your whole project back if you have to wait overnight.

A lot of our paints can be applied as low as 5-10c - with some even being fine for application at 0c - we are happy to advise.

We even have a very special product that can be applied under water - ideal for protecting structural steel work, boats etc that cannot be raised out of the water!

When it comes to the long lasting effect of the weather, then we all know that RUST is a problem. When it starts, it wont stop unless treated or removed fully.

The best way to deal with rust is to fully remove it - strip it right back to the substrate and then apply a high quality anti rust primer - we do several, both in Single Pack and 2 Pack form. However, we know that it is not always possible to do so. Access, time, cost all play a part in determining how much rust removal can be carried out. After all, we don't live in a ideal world.

Paying customers want it to look good, for less, and fast!

So, we provide a RUST KILLER that is second to none. Be aware, there are lots out there on the market, for what appears to be a low cost. But do they do what ours does?

We have taken an industrial product, one used by the offshore industry, and made it available to you! Whether you want to treat some rusty gates, to protecting your boat or, dare we say, bridge?!

Corroless is a portfolio of Industrial products designed to treat and protect. Their rust killing primer, available in aerosol or can form, penetrates rust and turns it solid (without getting to technical). It is not to be mistaken for a wishy washy solution - this looks like a paint, it can be sprayed, brushed or applied by roller . It can be overc oated with most other paints including our Chassis, Boat, Tractor paints.

If you want to treat something once - Corroless it!

So, yes, the weather can play havoc with your plans - but with a little forethought and some technical advice from us, you don't always have to wait till the summer to get the job done!

On a separate note, we have in the past found that the winter months can see a slight drop in paint sales - people holding off until the spring and summer. BUT, this certainly has not been the case this year. We have had our best February, a cracking winter, and things look set to continue.

With some new advertising routes over the last month or so, "thinking outside the box", and with word of mouth coming from past customers, social media and fellow suppliers, we are happy to be enjoying a busy time. And of course, that means we can continue to pass on our savings to you


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