Arc-Rite Paints

Whether you are thinking about painting your car, ex-military vehiclegates and railings, pond or swimming pool, or even your wood burning stove, we have the right paint for you.

Painting is not as simple as just opening the tin and getting it on there. The secret to a successful paint project, whatever it is, comes down to the preparation, which involves sanding, cleaning, masking, etc.

Just as important is creating the right circumstances - damp, cold, heat, and ventilation can all play a part.

We give painting tips in our blog, and are always on hand to assist as best as possible. With over 25 years of experience in the paints industry, count on us to give the best and most importantly, unbiased advice.

Showing 6 products

Showing 6 products


  • Automotive

    Vehicle & Automotive Paints

    How we love our cars! From the classic MG, the comfortable but shabby VW Beetle, through to the Porsche (if only), you should be able to find what you need here when it comes to automotive paints.

    We stock primers, vehicle colours and base coat, and lacquers among many other types of aerosol car paint and car touch up paint. But if you are looking for a type of auto paint supply that is missing, give us a call. Chances are we stock it, and even if we do not, we can get it.

    We sell large brand names such as U-POL, Farecla, Monofil, MIPA and others to our account customers and local body shops every day. With these high-quality paints, even if you are carrying out a project at home you will get a professional finish.

    Buy car paint online now from one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vehicle spray paints to the automotive industry.

  • Industrial

    Industrial Paints

    For many years we have supplied industrial customers with a large range of paints and coatings, including industrial paints for floors, thinners, and coat primer finishes. We are now at the point where we are one of the largest suppliers of paints to industry in the UK.

    Steel work, fibreglass, floors, galvanised steel and aluminium are just some of the substrates we cater to. Our regular customers include welders, fabricators, designers and architects – professionals who appreciate quality, speed and cost.

  • Specialist Paints

    Treatment & Specialist Paints

    One of our main concerns in our business is to ensure people do not get taken for a ride. Just because a paint caters to a specialist market does not mean it should cost the earth. We know of many sellers who put a significant price tag on specialist paints online as they know the product is hard to come by. We do not do that!

    Of course, some specialist paint finishes are more expensive than others due to manufacturing costs, solvents and shipping requirements. But if we know you are getting the best quality for the best price, we consider that acceptable.

    We offer tractor enamels, boat and barge paints, floor coatings and our best seller, military paint. All our paints are top UK specialist paints of professional quality but priced to suit all pockets.

  • DIY Paints

    DIY Paints

    With rising costs and a shortage of trade’s people, more and more people every day are looking to tackle projects themselves. And why not?

    Ok, we understand that not everything can be done by you. Personally, I couldn't build a wall to save my life. In fact, ask my wife about the BBQ I built some years ago – or on second thoughts, maybe it is better you don’t... But, painting your house or floor, varnishing your floors with our wood products or giving your multi fuel stove a refurbish with our fabulous stove paint after the winter season - all these jobs can be completed successfully by you and our DIY paints!

    With the best DIY paint supplies, some research, and technical help from us if you need it, there is little reason why you can't get jobs done, stand back, and be mighty proud of what you have achieved. Then, the drinks are on you!

  • Consumables & Sundries

    Painting Consumables and Sundries

    We say when beginning a painting project, 99% of the time, the paint is not the only item you will need. Consideration must be given to masking, covering surfaces, sanding, cleaning, inter coat sanding, and maybe even lacquering if the item requires it.

    In this section you will find an ever expanding array of sundries we think compliment any job perfectly, including sanding equipment, safety items, and spray equipment.