Vehicle & Automotive Paints

How we love our cars! From the classic MG, the comfortable but shabby VW Beetle, through to the Porsche (if only), you should be able to find what you need here when it comes to automotive paints.

We stock primers, vehicle colours and base coat, and lacquers among many other types of aerosol car paint and car touch up paint. But if you are looking for a type of auto paint supply that is missing, give us a call. Chances are we stock it, and even if we do not, we can get it.

We sell large brand names such as U-POL, Farecla, Monofil, MIPA and others to our account customers and local body shops every day. With these high-quality paints, even if you are carrying out a project at home you will get a professional finish.

Buy car paint online now from one of the UK’s leading suppliers of vehicle spray paints to the automotive industry.

Showing 2 products

Showing 2 products


  • Preparation

    Prep Before Painting 

    Yes, we have said it before, in fact, many times, but you WILL end up with a poor result if you do not put in the effort to prepare for painting correctly.

    It's tedious, it's time consuming, it's dirty; but sanding, filling, priming, sanding again and using specialist primers where needed - all these things are tkey factors to a successful result before you even think about putting on your colour.

    Do your preparation properly, and you will be well on the way to a finish that will manke your neighbours envious!

  • Primers

    Paint Primers

    Now you have filled those unsightly holes, used sanders to smooth those dints and cleaned up, it's time to prime!

    Aluminium, stainless and galvanised steel need special attention when it comes to priming. Many people also choose to etch prime mild steel.

    Once that's done, choosing a suitable primer can come down to cost and ease of use.

    Our 2k and 1k primers in can and aerosol form on offer will serve you well, and remember, ask us if you aren't sure which is the best product for your project.

  • Vehicle Colours & Base Coats

    Vehicle Colours & Base Coats

    Colours and base coats...what a headache, yes?

    Ok, I'll try and simplify things for you.

    We can mix most car colours in solvent based paint. Many colours are available as standard in either 1k Basecoat (dries matt and requires lacquer) or 2k (direct gloss without lacquer). This is usually dictated by the manufacturer.

    Our paints are all solvent based, rather than water based.

    We will need a colour code from you so we can mix the ideal match - whether that be the official code from your vehicle, or if you are completely changing colour, one that you have chosen based on preference.

    Our TF95 paint is a very high gloss finish, designed to go over our 1k primer, that can only be mixed in BS and RAL codes.

  • Lacquers & Clearcoats

    Automotive Basecoats & Laquers

    Now you have sprayed the colour, what next?

    Don't miss this next vital step!

    All basecoats should have a clearcoat lacquer applied over them. If ever you have watched a body shop at work, you will now that several if not many coats of lacquer are applied.

    This then enables you to mechanically polish, wet sand etc to give the deep and full gloss shine required.

  • Compounds & Polishes

    Compounds & Polishes

    You are nearly there!

    You have prepared, primed, painted, lacquered and now are on the home stretch.

    Not everyone uses compounds and polishes. With the finish you get "out the gun" so to speak, compounds aren't always needed. 

    But, that being said, we wouldn't sell so many compounds and polishes if consummers did not see the benefit.

    Cutting back through the top coat(s) of lacquer using compounds gives the best way of reducing unsightly defects, dust that may have been trapped in the final coat. It also gives a new lease of life to older faded paint work.

  • Chassis Paints

    Chassis Paints

    So many people, not just professional restorers and body shops workers, are seeing the sense in protecting your vehicle, which is a valuable asset.

    Sure, your vehicle may have fantastic body work, a lush interior, and even after market add ons that make you feel like a king when drivig.

    But, if underneath in the hard to see and reach areas, it's falling apart, degrading or more seriously, dangerous - what's the point in having the rest?

    Choose from 1k and 2k Epoxy Chassis paints designed to protect against weathering.

    We offer products that can help add years to the life of your chassis and underbody. 

    And don'f forget the world renowned Corroless range of products. These treat your rust like no other - many have copied and re-branded - but no other brand provides the same protection as Corroless.

  • Heat Resistant Paints

    Heat Resistant Paints

    Ok, let's get fancy!

    Want a bit of bling?

    Painting your calipers, rocker covers, exhaust, engine bay - this is not for everyone. But why not add a little pizzaz to something to take a lot of pride in and use all the time?

  • Sundries

    Car Repair Sundries

    Now you have found the paints and finishing products you want to use, give consideration to all the other things that play a part in getting your end result.

    Sanding discs and sheets, masking products, tapes, fine line tape etc. they will all come in handy! You can find them on this page.

  • Metallic Flake & Custom Colours

    Metallic Flake & Custom Colours

    If you are a car enthusiast, it is probably very important to you how your car looks. You might not see it as merely a method of getting from A to B, but also as an extension of your personality. This is particularly true or car owners among the younger crowd.

    If this sounds like you, it makes sense to be creative and make sure your car stands out from the thousands of other cars on the road. There is no easier way to achieve this than by using our metallic flake paints, or painting your car in custom colours.

  • Thinners

    Automotive Paint Thinners

    Depending on the type of car paint you use (1k or 2k) chances are you will need to mix it with a thinner. 

    There is often confusion amoung newbie car enthusiasts when it comes to mixing paints, and the ratio you need to mix at vries from brand to brand, so do get in touch with us if you are not sure how much thinner you need.