Chassis Paints

Chassis Paints

So many people, not just professional restorers and body shops workers, are seeing the sense in protecting your vehicle, which is a valuable asset.

Sure, your vehicle may have fantastic body work, a lush interior, and even after market add ons that make you feel like a king when drivig.

But, if underneath in the hard to see and reach areas, it's falling apart, degrading or more seriously, dangerous - what's the point in having the rest?

Choose from 1k and 2k Epoxy Chassis paints designed to protect against weathering.

We offer products that can help add years to the life of your chassis and underbody. 

And don'f forget the world renowned Corroless range of products. These treat your rust like no other - many have copied and re-branded - but no other brand provides the same protection as Corroless.

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  • Premium Corroless Rust Products

    Corroless Anti Rust for Cars

    Corroless products are the anti rust solution of choice in offshore conditions, and as such they provide unrivaled corrosion protection, and are perfect for using on UK cars to protect against corrosion which develops due to our often salty roads.

    Spray a wax inhibitor directly into the cavities in a chassis to stop rust from the inside out - a common problem with UK cars.

    Not sure which Corroless product you need? Use the chat feature at the bottom of the page, or give us a call.

  • Chassis Paints & Accessories

    Chassis Paints & Accessories

    We offer a range of chassis paints and accessories to protect the underbody of your car.

    When driving on poor surfaced roads, small flying stones and pebbles can chip away the manufaturer's original underbody coating leaving exposed metal which will be prone to rust, especially if you live near rhe sea.  

    Using underbody coating products will ultimately extend the lifespan of your chassis, and although some car owners prefer to forgo the expense of chassis paint, very often taking this extra step in car care will ultimately save you a lot of money.