Lacquers & Clearcoats

Automotive Basecoats & Laquers

Now you have sprayed the colour, what next?

Don't miss this next vital step!

All basecoats should have a clearcoat lacquer applied over them. If ever you have watched a body shop at work, you will now that several if not many coats of lacquer are applied.

This then enables you to mechanically polish, wet sand etc to give the deep and full gloss shine required.

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  • Aerosols

    Lacquer Aerosols

    Dont have the time or facilities to spray using your own equipment? Then try our lacquer aerosols for a professional finish.

    Several coats of lacquer are applied. The lacquer sprays on very thin, and many coats can be done in a short amount of time.

    Once you have applied the coats, lacquers can be wet sanded with fine paper, or mechanically polished with compounds. This is what the professionals do to get the best end result.

  • Clearcoat Cans

    Lacquers & Hardeners

    Buying lacquer in can form rather than aerosol, always offers the most cost effective way of finishing your project.

    1k lacquers are great as they offer a high standard of finish without the need to mess with hardeners and thinners.

    2k lacquers are usually what the professionals use as they offer a degree of hardness and shine sometimes not attainable when using 1k form.