Metallic Flake & Custom Colours

Metallic Flake & Custom Colours

If you are a car enthusiast, it is probably very important to you how your car looks. You might not see it as merely a method of getting from A to B, but also as an extension of your personality. This is particularly true or car owners among the younger crowd.

If this sounds like you, it makes sense to be creative and make sure your car stands out from the thousands of other cars on the road. There is no easier way to achieve this than by using our metallic flake paints, or painting your car in custom colours.

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  • Metallic Flake

    Automotive Metallic Flake

    Our polyester cut durable metallic flakes are a great way to add glitter and sparkle to any custom paint job. The flakes can be used in both solvent and water based mediums and is as they are resistant to UV rays they will not fade in the sun.

    Our metallic flakes are ideal for the blingiest car body work, and come in a wide range of colours to bring your custom design to life.

  • Custom Colours

    Automotive Custom Colours

    When we get the time, which is not often these days, we love to experiment.

    Candy red, candy green, cobalt blue, pyrite gold - we could go on.

    All the colours you see here, we make ourselves at Arc-rite. They may be copied, most likely badly, but these are our children, and we are proud of them.