DIY Paints

DIY Paints

With rising costs and a shortage of trade’s people, more and more people every day are looking to tackle projects themselves. And why not?

Ok, we understand that not everything can be done by you. Personally, I couldn't build a wall to save my life. In fact, ask my wife about the BBQ I built some years ago – or on second thoughts, maybe it is better you don’t... But, painting your house or floor, varnishing your floors with our wood products or giving your multi fuel stove a refurbish with our fabulous stove paint after the winter season - all these jobs can be completed successfully by you and our DIY paints!

With the best DIY paint supplies, some research, and technical help from us if you need it, there is little reason why you can't get jobs done, stand back, and be mighty proud of what you have achieved. Then, the drinks are on you!

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