PPE & Safety Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

There is little more important than looking after your health and wellbeing. We stock Personal Protective Equipment from major manufacturers, all CE marked and tested, so you can be confident you are getting the best products available on the market..

Some people say that Health & Safety has gone mad - but has it? Can you really put a price on your eyesight or hearing? 

When manually handling items that have the potential to do physical damage, as hundreds of thousands of workers across the UK do every day, we should be aware of the possible dangers to our physical health, and protect ourselves accordingly. 
Employers have a legal duty to provide you with what is needed to carry out your job safely, such as safety footwear, eyewear, and hand protection, and at our prices, there is no reason not to.

We offer bulk discounts, with special deals for larger companies.

Showing 3 products

Showing 3 products


  • Footwear

    Protective footwear for welding and the workplace including welding boots and wellingtons. We also offer a range of ladies safety footwear for various industries along with composite footwear for those that require a lighter style.

  • Ear Protection

    We provide ear defenders, foam plugs and rubber ear plugs at great prices. Perfect for the workplace and other loud environments.

  • Eye Protection

    Nothing is more important than protecting your sight! We have a range of safety solutions available. We can offer you a variety of modern and stylish products such as impact resistance, chemical resistance and anti flash spectacles or goggles. Along with a wide choice of welding masks. 

  • Hand Protection

    Hand protection products - protect your hands and upper arms with our top quality gloves and gauntlets. We have a disposable range too. Click here for our full range of hand protection products.

  • Head Protection

    Hard hat and bump caps are a vital part of PPE - we offer head protection products for the workplace to ensure personal safety. Scaffolding harnesses, hard hats and hard hat fleeces.

  • Hand & Hard Surface Sanitisers

    Commercial Size Hand Gels & Hard Surface Sanitising Products

    Due to high demand, Arc-rite now stocks a full line of ant-bacterial commercial/industrial hard surface and hand sanitisers to prevent germs spreading, and keep hands and surfaces squeaky clean. 

    We recommend our fast evaporating anti-bacterial, 70% alcohol hand sanitiser in 5L containers for busy commercial premises. For hard surfaces, our 70% Alcohol 500ml PROXL Power Spray is excellent. We can supply disinfectants suitable for all kinds of businesses, including shops, restaurants, and other public areas, for when soap and water are not practical or available.  

    We also offer battery-operated touchless gel dispensers to further prevent the spreading of bacteria and germs.

  • Respiratory Protection

    Respiratory Protection - we offer Disposable, Semi disposable, Respirators with changeable filters and air fed systems. Not sure what kind you need? Call us today on 01524 855213 and we will be pleased to help!