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Cutting & Welding Equipment

Here is a selection of the cutting and welding equipment we stock. If you are having difficulty finding the item you need, then either use the search facility or give us call. We are here to help.

When choosing welding machines or consumables, ensure you don’t buy cheap! Yes, of course, you should get the best price, however with so many CE imports flooding the market nowadays; there is always a reason why something that appears to be too good to be true probably is not the best item to buy.

If you are not sure which welding machine will work best for your requirements, get in touch with us and we'll help you make a choice. In short, ARC welders are the best choice for a strong weld if you work with heavy machinery or steel.  A MIG welder is a great choice if you are just starting out and will be doing small welding jobs, whereas a TIG welder might be your best choice if you want to work with different types of materials, as these machines are very versatile, albeit quite slow.

We stock the best welding, gas equipment, and plasma cutting products from UK suppliers - most of our business comes from supplying our local account customers, and online we only sell the very same products that we would happily supply to them.

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  • ARC / MMA

    ARC Welders are the optimal machinery to use when a strong weld is important such as when working with heavy machinery or steel work in a construction job. An ARC welder is also the best option if you need the weld completed quickly, as when ARC welding, it is not so important to prepare the surface of the metal as thoroughly as it is in other forms of welding.

    We offer a range of models of ARC welders for sale, from the top ARC UK welder suppliers. It can be confusing knowing which brand or model will best suit your needs, so please get in touch with our trained staff on 01524 81555213 if you need help.

    We can also provide you with ARC welding supplies and consumables, including cables, leads, plugs, clamps, rods and electrodes.

  • MIG Welding

    In MIG welding, the amount of amps your machine has plays a large part in performance, but even more important than amps is the duty cycle of the machine. Check out our blog post which explains this further.

    At Arc-rite, we are very selective of the brand of welding machines we sell. A lot of machines in the market these days are built to a low quality in the same factory and then re-branded when imported into the UK. We only offer machinery that we would be happy to supply to our account customers, and indeed, use ourselves. While the machines we offer are intended for professional use, they are for the most part so simple to use and low cost, we have no doubt there is something here for everyone, including those in the DIY welding market.

    In MIG Welding, the welder uses a continuously feeding metal wire directly into the weld. The wire plays the role of a filler metal to join two metallic surfaces. TIG welding, on the other hand, uses short tungsten electrodes that act as a non-consumable current projector to join two or more metals together. Unlike MIG welding, these tungsten electrodes must not always act as filler materials and may or may not be used as such. The fact that MIG welding employs the usage of a consumable metal wire filler material to finish welds makes it a great welding option for completing welding jobs involving thicker metal objects in a lesser time period compared to TIG welding.

    At Arc-rite we stock a varied choice of cheap MIG welding machines for sale, including the very popular portable MIG welding machines. We also supply MIG welder parts and spares, along with gas equipment and wire.

  • TIG Welding
    The basic design of a TIG torch does not change. A tungsten is held within the torch head, inserted into the back cap. Back caps are available in a range of lengths to aid welding is tight areas.
    The tungsten goes through a collect and collet body, or a Gas Lens.

    A gas lens lets more gas through the torch.

    The gas is there to shield your weld from Oxgen getting into it.

    The final piece is the ceramic. Lots of different sizes and lengths are in the market to shield your weld from Oxygen

    The 2 main TIG torch ranges that we sell and stock parts for are the WP17, WP18 and WP26. These use the same consumables.
    The other range is WP9, WP20, WP24, WP25 - these take much smaller parts as the torch heads are generally smaller.
  • Plasma
    Cebora, Trafimet, SAF are just 3 of the most popular makes available. Cebora parts are sometimes interchanged with Trafimet torches. 
    Be aware that plasma torches can be changed over time. Rarely, unless it is a new machine, will telling us the make of the machine allow us to know with certainty what torch you have.

    Usually your torch will be made up of the following:

    Swirl Ring - also known as the air diffuser. This is the smallest of the pieces and normally one of the most expensive. Not changed often

    Electrode - the inner metal piece - this sits inside the cutting tip

    Cutting Tip - the piece that makes contact with the material you wish to cut

    Shroud / Ceramic / Collar - the outer piece that holds everything together

    Of course there are other accessories available - stand off guys and springs, trammels etc.
  • Gas Equipment

    Here at Arc-rite, we stock all the gas welding equipment needed to cut through all sorts of metals and join it back together to strengthen it or change the form.

    We offer a diverse selection of gas welding tools including mini gas welding kits and gas torch kits, which are suitable for both professional use and DIY.

    If you are unsure which kit to order, please get in touch and our trained staff will be more than happy to advise you on the best kit for your purpose.

  • Misc
    Miscellaneous welding equipment - we stock welding curtains, copper welding cable and panel plugs, as well as many other small welding related products for the professional or DIY welder.