Cable / Plugs / Leads / Clamps

Copper cable is used in all welding processes, however we have included it here in this section. 16mm cable is generally good up to 200amp. 25mm cable is good to 300amp and 35mm cable for all but the most serious welding!

Copper pricing is always fluctuating but we are confident you will find our pricing very competitive.

Are you after a new Electrode holder? The 2 most basic types are the Crocodile sort where the rod is held in the jaws of the tool, and the Twist type. With the twist type holder the rod is inserted into the jaws - the whole handle is then turned to clamp the rod. Most people find this type of holder easier to use and more comfortable.

Earth clamps come in different sizes - 200, 400 and larger 600amp screw down type.

As for Cable Plugs and sockets, the following are the most popular - 10/25, 35/50 and 50/70
The numbers roughly equate to the cable size they take. The smaller 10/25 sockets are usually found on smaller inverters and portable machines. Most mig machines will use 35/50 sockets. Large industrial machines will need 50/70 plugs. 
If you are unsure, then please speak to us

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Showing 7 products