MIG welding machines come in all shapes and sizes.......well, maybe not shapes. But, certainly when it comes to sizes there appears to be a vast array.

Obviously the amount of amps your machine has does play a large part - BUT, even more important is the duty cycle the machine has. Check out our blog above for some insider information and tips.

Over the years we have learnt to be very selective of the brand of machines we offer. A lot of machines in the market are poorly built in the same factory and then re-branded as they enter the UK.
We only sell machines that we would be happy to supply our account customers with - we do not cater to the low end DIY market - although many of our machines are so simple to use and low cost we have no doubt there is something here for everyone.

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    Arc-Rite Welding & Safety Ltd have been supplying both home users and professional fabricators with MIG welding machines for over 20 years. We are proud to be distributors of Oxford, Parweld, SWP and other high quality equipment.

    Prices are competitive, our delivery service is second to none and these professional manufacturers offer some of the industry leading features and warranties found only on machines 3 times the price!