Cebora, Trafimet, SAF are just 3 of the most popular makes available. Cebora parts are sometimes interchanged with Trafimet torches. 
Be aware that plasma torches can be changed over time. Rarely, unless it is a new machine, will telling us the make of the machine allow us to know with certainty what torch you have.

Usually your torch will be made up of the following:

Swirl Ring - also known as the air diffuser. This is the smallest of the pieces and normally one of the most expensive. Not changed often

Electrode - the inner metal piece - this sits inside the cutting tip

Cutting Tip - the piece that makes contact with the material you wish to cut

Shroud / Ceramic / Collar - the outer piece that holds everything together

Of course there are other accessories available - stand off guys and springs, trammels etc.
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  • Plasma Torches & Spares
    This is by no means all that we stock.
    The sheer amount of Plasma parts on offer means that listing them all on our website is an ongoing timely process. If you need something that you cannot see here then please call us. We most likely can get it, if we don't have it on the shelf already.

    If you are having difficulty with your plasma machine - perhaps it is not cutting as it should, then there are 3 main areas to look at first.
    1) Replace the electrode and tip on the plasma torch. You cannot get good electrical contact if these items are damaged.
    2) How's your earth? If the material you are trying to cut is dirty, greasy, or rusty, is the earth clamp making good contact?
    3) Are you using a water trap on your compressor? If not, and its common not to, then you are putting your tools at risk of damage. Compressed air carries water vapour which will cause your torch to malfunction and parts to degrade and rust. Fit one - they aren't expensive and can save you a fortune!